About us

About us


HEVIK is the brand that brings the Italian style in clothing for motorcycles and scooters, offering a wide range of products for those who have passion for the two wheels and want enjoy it freely and safely, while riding a scooter in the traffic of the city as well as a motorbike on long trips.

Thanks to its team of experts, including specialists in the field, stylists and designers, HEVIK has created a complete line - from waterproof clothing to more developed accessories, from jeans to underwear - with a strong technical component (innovative and practical fabric) combined with a fashionable cut and a look of great impact.

HEVIK originates from the first letters of its founder. That is Ms. Hendrika Visenzi, currently holding the role of Vice President of the Italian GIVI group. On the occasion of the opening of the new GIVI Point showroom, Ms. Hendrika also attended and shared the idea of HEVIK protective gear as well as GIVI's upcoming plans in Vietnam.


She said that HEVIK protective gear not only focuses on protecting the wearer, but also focuses on fashion and creating personality. Although the HEVIK brand appears later in the market, it is the exquisite Italian design in general and the typical HEVIK highlights in particular that will make the wearer feel confident and different. In addition, some HEVIK protective clothing lines are developed specifically for the Southeast Asian market with fewer layers of material to increase cooling efficiency, but protection is still guaranteed.